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Solar Pool Ionizer(no More Algae)


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          With less chlorine & shock, this solar pool ionizer will pay for itself… SERIOUSLY! Put money back into your pocket by transforming your pool into a biologically healthy & algae-resistant water!


          • Kill Algae and Reduce the Need for Chlorine: The Solar Pool Ionizer kills algae and prevents it from returning. The unit simply floats in your pool and uses copper ionization to kill algae before it has a chance to form and take over your pool.
          • Saves Time and Money: Say goodbye to algaecides, shocks, and hours of algae-scrubbing. This reduces chlorine consumption by up to 80% and saves you $300-$500 per year in chemicals alone.
          • Works with All Pool Types: In-ground, above-ground, saltwater, and chlorine pools. Also safe for all finishes, including, plaster, pebble, quartz, tile, and vinyl liners.

          • Everything You Need to Stop Algae Growth: This includes one copper anode, metal cleaning brush, and a copper test kit. Copper anode lasts approximately one year before needing replacement.
          • Each unit is effective from 500 Gallons up to 30,000 gallons and works well for shaded & screened pools. When used in smaller pools significantly reduces chlorine usage faster.
          • Disinfection effect:It can help disinfect the pool.
          • Higher the wattage ---> Greater the Savings; Higher the Voltage ---> Faster the Ionization
          • No Harmful Chemicals, Ends Bleached Clothes & Hair: Invest in your family’s health & use a chlorine-free shock! Your kids will certainly thank you for the switch because they won’t have to worry about dry & red eyes or having their clothes bleached!


          • Model RSI-1000
          • Ultra-low maintenance
          • Powered by environmentally friendly solar panels with no expensive batteries to replace
          • No more bleached hair or bathing suits, dry skin or itchy eyes
          • Reduce the need for chlorine by about 80%
          • Inexpensive alternative to other ionizers and cheap imports
          • Proven technology
          • Wire cleaning brush, test strips, and protective basket included
          • Requires 4-5 hours of sun per day

          Package includes:

          • 1 x Solar Pool Ionizer(No More Algae)